Omaha Beach and Normandy D-Day Overnight Tour

Experience the history of the D-Day landings, with a special focus on Omaha Beach, during this 2-day adventure from Paris.

Booking Your Tour

Embark on a journey to explore the American D-Day landing sites, including Omaha Beach, along with the breathtaking abbey at Mont Saint Michel and the historic town of Bayeux. Reserve your spot today and discover the beauty and historical significance of Normandy with us! Book the Normandy Overnight Tour from Paris with now!

A soldier statue on Omaha Beach.
A soldier statue on Omaha Beach.

Omaha Beach and Beyond – A Comprehensive 2-day Adventure

This overnight tour combines a guided exploration of Omaha Beach, a key U.S. landing site during the Normandy D-Day invasion, with visits to other important landmarks. Stay in a charming 3-star hotel in Bayeux and immerse yourself in the rich history of the region.

What’s Included:

Day 1:

  • Pick-up from the Bayeux train station
  • Lunch stop (cost not included)
  • Full-day guided tour of Omaha Beach and other American landing sites
  • Overnight stay in a charming 3-star Bayeux hotel

Day 2:

  • Audio tour of the Bayeux Tapestry
  • Optional visit to Mont St. Michel
  • Taxi transfer to the Bayeux rail station.

Omaha Beach – The Heart of the D-Day Invasion

Omaha Beach, the code name for the main U.S. landing beach on June 6, 1944, plays a central role in our tour. Securing the five-mile stretch of Omaha was imperative for linking the British landings to the east with the American landing to the west at Utah Beach. Experience the site where Allied forces faced the Germany 352nd infantry division, resulting in a heavy loss of life. Today, Omaha Beach stands as a solemn testament to the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought to liberate Europe.

Additional Stops Include:

  • The Pointe du Hoc: Where Army Rangers scaled sheer cliffs under deadly fire.
  • The American Military Cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer: Honoring more than 9,000 servicemen.
  • The Artificial Harbor at Arromanches: Key to the success of the invasion.

Mont Saint Michel (Optional Add-on)

Trace the origins of Mont St. Michel back to a legend involving the archangel Michael, and marvel at the construction that spans centuries. This unique island is a must-see for any visitor to Normandy.

Learn more about Omaha Beach and Colleville-sur-Mer.